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The students of grade 1B assembled to express their thoughts on Helping Hand. They enlightened us with the thought that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. The class also performed a beautiful skit with a strong message that we should always help each other in every possible way.


“Mom, today, in my class, Shaurya told me that there was a tiger in our nearby village.  Why Mom?  

Yes, Class I B of NPS Gottigere was presenting their assembly with that note on Wednesday, the 23rd July 2014. In nearly 15 minutes time, they illustrated the dreadful consequence of deforestation where the home of animals is being destroyed.  They also included the solution to save the animals’ homes, “Afforestation”. 

The whole class had their own respective role, as a family member in conversation about the topic,

  • a tree cut down
  • a wood cutter
  • a small plant waiting to replace the cut down tree.


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