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Pre-Primary Field Trip-Bursting With Enthusiasm in The Jerry Martin Farm

Old McDonald had a farm…. Remember the evergreen rhyme we all learnt when we were kids............Well that’s exactly where Pre-primary students of National Public School, Gottigere went for their educational field trip on Friday, 15th July 2016. We visited the Jerry Martin Farm on Sarjapur road. And what a fun filled, invigorating and interesting trip it was!!!


From the moment the kids sat in the bus, they were bursting with enthusiasm and bubbling with un contained joy and energy. We couldn’t wait to reach the farm and see the animals. The kids were filled with awe as they came face to face with regular domestic animals such as cows, dogs, pigs, ponies, rabbits, ducks and some not so domestic animals such as iguanas, turtles, Guinea pigs, bunnies, cockatiel birds,emu and a turkey.

They learnt valuable information about the animals, their characteristics, food habits,habitat and had hands on experience of feeding the animals. The children had a delightful day at the farm and time simply flew as they went chasing after quacking ducks and strolled about with thehappy dogs sauntering around. After touring the farm they also enjoyed spending time in the kid’s play area with swings, see-saws, a jungle gym and slides.

They mingled with everyone and had a picnic as well when they sat to eat their snacks and shared their own stories with each other. A great getaway, the Jerry Martin Farm was indeed one of the best fun places to visit for the tiny tots.


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