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Pre-primary Annual Day 2017-18



The most awaited event, Pre-primary Annual Day, was unfurled with lot of enthusiasm and zest from the students of Pre-primary. The Theme was based on the values and behaviour wrapped with the sweetness of chocolate. Our little tots of the Pre-primary section have presented this beautifully through the skit showing how greed and unsound values can consume and ultimately destroy a person and his dream. Charlie being the only good and kind child gets the reward for placing important values above all. Children spoke very confidently bringing the skit very close to reality. The voice modulation and expression of each child was truly amazing. The dances representing different countries left everyone in the Auditorium mesmerized. The Fashion Show by Mont I was the icing on a cake. The performance of each character was immensely appreciated by the audience, the loud applause followed by each child’s dialogue is the evidence of their excellent performance. The skit was an inspirational message to viewers adapted from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The exemplary team spirit of the Pre-Primary section was much appreciated for showcasing the talent of each toddler. The Chief Guest Mr.Pramod Chaganti appreciated the holistic development of the students. The Chairman Dr. Thomas P John expressed in his speech that it is imperative for parents to devote quality time to children. The Principal Dr. Reetu Thapa in her address showcased the achievements of the NPS team and identified the Happiness Quotient to be the yardstick of measuring the success of the school. 


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