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Preschool Education at NPS Bannerghatta

As a leading Pre School school education program in Bangalore, NPS Bannerghatta provides young children with a nurturing and engaging learning environment that prepares them for the demands of primary school. Unlike a traditional Preschool In Bannerghatta Road or a Play School In Bannerghatta, the curriculum at NPS Bannerghatta is designed to be developmentally appropriate, providing children with experiences relevant to their age, interests, and abilities.

The Play School school education at NPS Bannerghatta is based on the principles of early childhood education, which recognizes that young children learn best through play, exploration, and social interaction, making it one of the most sought Preschool In Bannerghatta Road. The curriculum is designed to be child-centered, with teachers serving as facilitators and guides rather than lecturers. This approach allows children to participate actively in self-directed exploration and discovery.

In addition to academic subjects such as language, numeracy, and science, this Play School In Bannerghatta also focuses on social and emotional development. Children are encouraged to build positive relationships with others and develop self-esteem and confidence through activities such as storytelling, drama, puppetry, and music. The school recognizes the importance of nurturing the whole child and promoting creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

This program at NPS Bannerghatta helps children develop language skills and builds a strong foundation for their future education. Children are also provided with various literacy activities, such as storybooks, rhymes, and poems, that help them develop phonological awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension skills in this Preschool In Bannerghatta Road.

The Preschool school education program at NPS Bannerghatta is committed to providing children with a safe and secure learning environment. The school has a robust safety protocol in place, with trained security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and safety drills conducted regularly to ensure the safety of all children.

While NPS Bannerghatta is not a traditional playschool in Bannerghatta Road or a preschool in Bannerghatta, it offers a high-quality Play School school education program that prepares young children for the demands of primary school. With its child-centered approach, focus on social and emotional development, bilingual program, and commitment to safety, NPS Bannerghatta provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to thrive and reach their full potential.

Why choose us?

Play School In Bannerghatta

Your child's education is the most important. At NPS Bannerghatta, we strive to create a unique, approachable, healthy learning environment that helps students achieve their goals, making us the best Preschool In Bannerghatta Road

Schooling For Every Child

Curriculum For Well-Rounded Learning

25 Acre Campus Surrounded By Greenery

State Of The Art Infrastructure

Well Stocked Library

Activity Learning

Language Mastery

Learn Through Play

Co-curricular Learning

Large play areas lit by natural light

Co-Curricular Activities

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Play Area

A beautiful, structured play area for children to learn, explore and enjoy themselves in a safe environment makes this the best Play School In Bannerghatta.

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Arts & Crafts

Exploring the beauty and creativity of the child’s mind, our arts and crafts section empowers this exploration.

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Sports & Fitness

It’s never too early to be athletic and sporty; we encourage our young learners to explore and find the sport they enjoy and play.

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Performing Arts

Dancing, music & theater are integral to a well-rounded education, enticing our learners to explore their creativity.


NPS Bannerghatta provides multiple facilities to help the student’s learning journey, including a 25-acre campus surrounded by greenery, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a well-stocked library, highly equipped laboratories, special sports equipment and spaces, and much more.

NPS Bannerghatta is a co-ed Play School In Bannerghatta.

The student-teacher ratio for Preschool classes at NPS Bannerghatta is 25:1, ensuring every child gets individual attention and guidance.

Yes, transportation is provided to Preschool students at NPS Bannerghatta. The school has a fleet of buses equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the children.

The admission process to this Preschool school in Bannerghatta generally begins in August/September.

The admission process for Play School at NPS Bannerghatta includes filling out an application form, submitting necessary documents, attending an interaction with the school authorities, and paying the required fee.

Yes, the school and parents together can only support the child to grow in the desired way. Hence it holds PTMs regularly and welcomes parents’ suggestions. NPS Bannerghatta has been considered one of the best Preschool In Bannerghatta Road, as it believes that together with the parents, they will build a brighter future for the students.

The age requirement for admission to Play School at NPS Bannerghatta is 3 years as of June 1st of the academic year.

NPS Bannerghatta's Preschool section is based on the Montessori Method, which focuses on hands-on learning, exploration, and discovery.

The timings for Pre-Primary classes at NPS Bannerghatta are from 8:45 AM to 02:40 PM.

NPS Bannerghatta offers a range of extracurricular activities to Preschool students, including music, dance, art, and physical education.

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