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CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta Road

NPS Gottigere is affiliated with CBSE and offers a comprehensive and innovative curriculum which helps to bridge the transition for the little ones from Montessori to Primary. It is considered one of the Best CBSE schools in Bannerghatta Road. The primary school education program at NPS Gottigere is specially designed to provide a strong foundation for young students in their academic, social, and emotional development.

We follow the best practices of the CBSE curriculum and have emerged as one of the best CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta Road. We offer a simple but structured curriculum focused on subject, personal and international learning goals. We strive ceaselessly to facilitate and provide a conducive learning environment through activity-oriented lessons and extensive co-curricular activities.

The primary school education program at NPS Gottigere - CBSE Schools in Gottigere is an outstanding platform for young students to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and personal growth. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced teachers, personalized attention, and focus on character development and holistic education, NPS Gottigere provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for students to thrive and excel.

Why choose us?

CBSE Schools in Gottigere

Your child's education is the most important, at NPS Gottigere we strive to make a unique, approachable and healthy learning environment that helps the student achieve their goals.

Schooling For Every Child

Curriculum For Well-Rounded Learning

25 Acre Campus Surrounded By Greenery

State Of The Art Infrastructure

Top Notch Facility

Expert Faculty

Well Stocked Library

Highly Equipped Laboratories

Language Mastery

Learn Through Play

More Engaging Teaching Methods

Character And Citizenship Education

Holistic Assessment To Support Learning

Co-Curricular Activities

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Turtle Fitness Program

National Public School, Gottigere has ensured that the fitness program is intertwined with the curriculum so as to focus and streamline our tiny tots into building the foundation of any major sports which progressively leads to technical specialization in the sport. The innovative sessions are age appropriate and instil in students the fun element in a game through the use of equipment and music.

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Art facilitates and motivates students to dive deep into colours, form and textures. This opportunity of playing with colours encourages sensitivity among students and boosts emotional growth. In NPS, art is not only a creative form, it’s a channel to sensitize social issues and social and environmental awareness.

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Yoga offers proven methods of developing the inner resilience needed to navigate the physical, emotional and mental balance. NPS believes that through Yoga we can make our students live healthier and can increase their capacity to learn effectively, manage challenging emotions and achieve personal and academic success.

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Dance is one of the most loved co-curricular activities. Students are taught diverse forms of Indian classical dances, folk dances and contemporary styles. The beauty of the dance programs is that there is optimal participation by the students and a variety of dance forms are performed with grace and magnificence.


NPS Gottigere is affiliated to CBSE Board. It is considered as one of the CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta Road.

NPS Gottigere provides multiple facilities to help the student’s learning journey including a 25 acre campus surrounded by greenery, state of the art infrastructure, well stocked library, highly equipped laboratories, exceptional sports equipment and spaces, and much more.

NPS Gottigere is a CBSE based co-ed school near Bannerghatta Road.

The average students per classroom is 1:35 at NPS Gottigere and the teachers and staff are well trained and knowledgeable to handle all the student needs.

Yes,NPS Gottigere does have a transport facility.

Admission process to this CBSE school in Gottigere generally begins in the month of August/September.

NPS Gottigere does not believe in burdening the child yet some amount of homework is assigned in 2-3 subjects everyday which a child himself/herself can attempt.

Yes, the school and parents together can only support the child to grow in a desired way. Hence it holds PTMs regularly and welcomes parent’s suggestions. NPS CBSE Schools in Gottigere is considered as one of the CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta Road as it believes that together with the parents they will build a brighter future for the students.

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